Commercial Displays with System-on-Chip (SoC) vs Media Players

What is a commercial display with System-on-Chip (SoC) A commercial display with System-on-Chip (SoC) refers to a type of digital signage solution that integrates the necessary hardware components, such as a processor, memory, and storage, directly into the display itself. This eliminates the need for additional external media players or devices to drive the content […]

How to improve order accuracy with digital menu boards

What is order accuracy in restaurant ordering process Order accuracy in the restaurant ordering process refers to the precision and correctness of fulfilling customer orders. It is essential to ensure that the items ordered by customers are prepared and delivered accurately, without any errors or omissions. Achieving high order accuracy is crucial for customer satisfaction […]

Employing Menu Science in Digital Menu Board Design

What is menu science? Menu science is a fascinating field that combines psychology, design, and marketing to optimize the effectiveness of menu boards. It involves understanding consumer behavior, decision-making processes, and visual hierarchy to create menus that not only capture attention but also drive sales. By employing menu science techniques in digital menu board design, […]

Great Harvest Crowne Point, IN

Great Harvest’s new location in Crowne Point, IN opens Great Harvest is excited to announce the grand opening of its newest location in Crowne Point, IN. This highly anticipated addition to the Great Harvest family aims to bring the same exceptional quality and freshness that Great Harvest is known for, right to the heart of […]

What is the advantage of point-of-sale integration with digital menu boards?

What is point-of-sale integration? Point-of-sale integration refers to the process of connecting a digital menu board system with a point-of-sale (POS) system. This integration allows for seamless communication and data synchronization between the two systems, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined operation. How does point-of-sale integration work? Point-of-sale integration works by establishing a connection […]