QSR 55″ Digital Order Screen with Integrated Audio & Camera Housing



Made for the QSR industry and supports a Samsung 55” all-weather display. This digital drive-thru menu board is rated for temperatures of -20f to 122f and is wind load rated up to 150 mph. This system is unique in that there are no custom-designed display cabinets. The Samsung OHF display is already IP56-rated and does not require additional protection from the environment.Constructed using 7 GA. high-impact steel braces and ¼” thick-walled tubing which will ensure longevity and years of use. This DMB solution is first primed with a zinc-rich primer and can be painted virtually any color you want. For high traffic areas there is an optional front cover bumper housing available.

This solution comes equipped with a 4-outlet quad box and surge/ power filter. With this fully designed system surge issues are a thing of the past. It also comes equipped with a speaker and mic and can also support your camera of choice.

Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 72 × 48 × 12 cm