Digital Menu Boards for Airport Concessions

OSM Solutions offer a wide range of fully integrated Digital Signage systems for various retail, hospitality, and concession businesses at airports, as well as travel plazas and highway service areas across the country. Our solutions are used daily by satisfied travellers at over 60 airports in the USA, Canada, and The Caribbean.

Get in touch to learn more about our Airport Solutions for:

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Point-of-Purchase and LTO Signs
  • Monument Signage
  • Branded TVs

Stand-alone Kiosks

Our kiosks provide an elegant messaging and compelling, irresistible special offers at hostess stands, storefronts, and busy airport concourses. Integrations with OSM Solutions kiosk technology support touchless purchasing.

In-Window Displays

Entice and lead passerby foot traffic inside your store by striking visual promotions and LTO offers they see in you shop windows. In-Window Digital Signs and Menu Boards are specifically designed to be viewed behind the glass. Double-Sided screens will help you to deliver additional messages to the customers after they already entered your store.

Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays prodive convenient self-ordering and checkout process for your customers, including mobile pay options. From compact solutions directly at the Point-of-Sale terminals to extremely large-scale screens for public areas, our Interactive Displays are powered by Menuboard ManagerĀ® content management software, providing remote access to build, manage and deploy your content.