We are providing a complete solution.  What does that mean…
  1. You send us construction drawings, we inspect, verify and report back what works/might not work
  2. We interface directly with architects to gather info and provide the right products/services for the project
  3. We quote complete solutions including hardware, software, installation and support
  4. We schedule & coordinate 3d parties like DirecTV or other signal providers
  5. We provide audio/music solutions that are legal, licensed, and have life-safety features required at most airports
  6. We provide equipment rated for commercial use that will pass inspection
  7. We utilize commercial equipment designed for years of extended service and with a minimum 2-year warranty
  8. We provide professional installation services and test all systems before completion
  9. We follow airport protocol and have years of airport installation/service experience
  10. We have your back throughout the project and are your partner for project success
  11. We make your job easier, and allow you to focus on the big picture
  12. In the long run, we save your company money and provide a superior product