Digital Menu Boards & Point of Sale Integration

Posted by on Apr 15, 2019 in Articles | Comments Off on Digital Menu Boards & Point of Sale Integration

There are many benefits to integrating your point-of-sale system (POS) with your digital menu boards. The applications are limitless.  Here are a few of the wins:

  • Single point of data entry for products & prices
  • Changes to POS and digital menu boards happen simultaneously
  • Menu testing & experimentation becomes easier to deploy & measure
  • Menu deployments become completely maintenance-free for operations
  • Triggers from POS data can change menu boards in real time
  • Creates operational efficiency

When you input your new prices in your POS and know that your menu boards will also be updated, you realize that having a single point of data entry is a big deal.  It at least halves the time you need to spend updating menu prices.  When you’re running a busy department, that’s huge.  Corrections can also be made quickly, across multiple systems.

Menu A/B testing and price experimentation becomes a lot easier with an integration.  You can run tests and know that the results come from real data, in real time.  Product & price experimentation across your systems can help increase average ticket revenue.

Menu changes en mass become easier.  As new menu content is pushed menu prices are loaded automatically, and if rolled out overnight the new menus appear on the menus at the store’s opening with correct prices.

Data from the POS can be processed and trending menu items can be triggered to display more often on digital menu boards.  The possibilities for artificial intelligence being applied to digital menu promotions is limitless.

Speed of the integration process is a factor.  If you’re just updating prices nightly, speed isn’t a great concern.  But if you’re trying to do real-time order confirmation, you need immediate data from the POS to appear on the digital order screens.  There are a wide range of systems, some running locally and others in the cloud.  Consideration of your long-term requirements should factor into your choice of POS systems.

We have partnered with several POS companies and provide varying levels of integration with each.  Contact us to day for a free consultation!