Starbucks DFW Indoor & Drive-Thru Menu Boards

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Starbucks DFW Indoor & Drive-Thru Menu Boards

DFW’s newest Starbucks location is actually not in the airport!  Yup you heard that right, the newest location is on Rental Car Road, just off the South Entrance approach.  There’s a Shell Station with a Whataburger across the street.  The South Entrance locations features 3 indoor digital menu boards and an outdoor all-weather order screen with 2-way video.  OSM Solutions provided the technology for both the indoor and outdoor systems.

The indoor displays are Samsung Commercial Displays running Menuboard Manager®.  Product pricing and scheduled menu updates are maintenance-free.  Paper waste and transportation of paper menus has been eliminated, resulting in a greener store.

The outdoor displays is a GDS all-weather display with patented bonded glass technology.  The outdoor order screen has an integrated camera system that enables customers to see the Barista.  The Barista can also see the customer, completing a 2-way communication via audio & video.  Customer engagement wins!

This is the 35th Starbucks location that OSM Solutions has provided digital menu boards for.