Menuboard Manager® 4 released

By  on Nov 7, 2016 in NewsSoftware Release Notes |

Menuboard Manager® has released version 4, the most significant software update to date and a complete re-design.

New version features:

  • Completely re-designed user interface
  • Multiple Presentation Support
  • Advanced Day Part Scheduling
  • Media Gallery for all media which can be added to any sign
  • Sign Tree navigation tool – efficient sign selection & management
  • Drag-n-Drop slide/video show re-ordering
  • Easier to define slide durations
  • Image slides now support support transition effects
  • User-definable external inputs to create Live TV/Signage  hybrid sign
  • Streaming video input to create Streaming Video/Signage hybrid sign
  • Video backgrounds
  • User definable HTML
  • Easy CSS editor
  • User permissions granularity so you can limit user access to admin features
  • Sign grouping
  • Custom font selection

Menuboard Manager® 4