Starbucks Drive Thru Digital Menu Board

OSM Solutions provides an outdoor digital menuboard for Starbucks, PA Valley Forge Travel Plaza drive-thru.  Integrating the presentation of Starbucks day-parted promotional content and a live video feed of the Barista inside the store, this unique application was developed and implemented for the first franchised drive-thru in the Starbucks ethos.  Customers are presented with the current promotions on the majority of the display, with a second zone providing a live video feed of the Barista inside the store.  This was made possible with a custom integration with a BrightSign HD222 and Menuboard Manager®.   A video surveillance camera located inside the store at the point of sale captures the Barista and the video feed is distributed via IP to the BrightSign over the LAN.  Media content is served via Menuboard Manager® so that corporate can update the content regularly from a remote location.