The uber-popular Kogi BBQ food truck is now open at LAX in Terminal 4 and is serving tacos, burritos, sliders, and more out of a food truck built right into the American Airlines terminal.  The truck features 2 digital menu boards designed by OSM Solutions.  The integration of digital menu boards enables the popular eatery to display breakfast until 10am, and lunch/dinner offerings thereafter.  “We designed the system to be compact, featuring Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays which are an all-in-one solution perfect for installations with limited space.  The menu boards are powered by Menuboard Manager™, our native application running on Samsung SSP LFDs.  Since there is only one component (the monitor with built-in media playback and networked control), the system fits in the truck where there is limited space”, says Marc Rosenberg OSM Solutions CEO.  The LAX food truck project has been in process for over 2 years and opened just in time for holiday 2014 travel.

Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards_2 Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards_Line Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards_Closeup Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards_Left DSCN0478 Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards_Front Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards3 Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards_Full Kogi_Digital_Menu_Boards_Full2