Digital Menu Boards & Point of Sale Integration

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There are many benefits to integrating your point-of-sale system (POS) with your digital menu boards. The applications are limitless.  Here are a few of the wins: Single point of data entry for products & prices Changes to POS and digital menu boards happen simultaneously Menu testing & experimentation becomes easier to deploy & measure Menu deployments become completely maintenance-free for operations Triggers from POS data can change menu boards in real time Creates operational efficiency When you input your new prices in your POS and know that your menu boards will also be...

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What does a complete solution look like?

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We are providing a complete solution.  What does that mean… You send us construction drawings, we inspect, verify and report back what works/might not work We interface directly with architects to gather info and provide the right products/services for the project We quote complete solutions including hardware, software, installation and support We schedule & coordinate 3d parties like DirecTV or other signal providers We provide audio/music solutions that are legal, licensed, and have life-safety features required at most airports We provide equipment rated for commercial use that...

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Easy Large-Scale Digital Menu Rollouts

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There’s a myriad of digital signage software solutions available on the market.  Most of the solutions do the basics, and with varying degrees of difficulty are allowing you to: create media playlists, overlay dynamic text, schedule presentations, publishing to units over a network. It’s no difficult to imagine how you’d use a CMS to update a sign’s presentation and then publish it to a single unit, maybe even several units.  But what most platforms fail to address elegantly, is easy large-scale menu content rollouts.  The holy grail of a large-scale digital menu...

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Digital Menu Boards ROI

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It’s obvious that digital menu boards dramatically elevate the look and feel of a store.  Arguably, there’s no better money spent on a storefront, in terms of bang-for-your-buck.  And in retail, if you can get customers to look at your signs, they more likely to buy something from your store. Because digital menu boards are a showpiece and attract customer’s attention, you’d ROI would be realized faster than traditional signage.  However; digital menu boards are usually a larger up-front investment, which is a big factor during a store build-out or remodels. So, that...

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Menuboard Manager® POS Integration

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Our Menuboard Manager® software features POS (Point of Sale) integration.  Support for POS systems has been implemented and is being used by customers to streamline pricing updates on digital menu boards.  POS integration is a core feature of Menuboard Manager®.  Products, prices and other rich data can be pulled onto the digital menu boards, eliminating the need for manual entry and provides a single point of data entry and reduces the risk of human error.  Prices can be updated in real-time or updated on a nightly schedule.  Menuboard Manager® supports many leading POS systems including...

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How to easily manage digital signage content

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They say “Content is King” and your digital menu board content is the most important marketing tool in your restaurant, so how do you manage content effectively, easily, and at a reasonable cost? The short answer is that you make it easy and intuitive for a user to upload and manage content and display it on your menu boards at the appropriate times of day for your menu offerings and your target market. Many digital signage platforms offer content management software, but some are easier to use than others. Generally, marketing folks aren’t engineers so they need an easy to...

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