Digital Menu Boards ROI

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It’s obvious that digital menu boards dramatically elevate the look and feel of a store.  And in retail, if you can get customers to look at your signs, they are much more likely to buy something.  Because digital menu boards are a showpiece and attract customer’s attention, you’d think digital menu boards have a better ROI than traditional signage.  However; digital menu boards can be a larger up-front investment and that’s a big factor during a store build-out or remodel.  So, that begs the question, when can you expect to see a return on your digital menu board investment?

A few important benefits you get with digital menu boards you may not have considered:

Customer Engagement:

• The sooner you engage your customer in the ordering process, the better the chances they will choose something new

• Digital menu boards can display many products in the same real estate a traditional sign can show only one product

• Emphasizing your brand with high-resolution images & branding is a great way to drive brand awareness

• The entertainment factor – people like to look at screens with animation and targeted, sometimes witty messaging

Operational Efficiency:

• Attracting customers to your signs early in the ordering process improves efficiency and that turns into more sales

• Help guide customers thru the ordering process with a clear menu flow using digital menu boards

• Incentivize customers to connect with you on social media, check-in, and sign up for promotional marketing

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for determining ROI.  Here are some variables that can help calculate the ROI a digital menu board system can be for your store.  If you answer “yes” to 3 or more of these questions, then the ROI on a digital menu board system can be realized quickly, probably within one year:

• Audience – Is your audience’s decision making driven by visual merchandising?

• Competition – Is there competition in near proximity where digital menu boards may attract more attention?

• Visibility – Will your digital menu boards be visible outside the boundaries of your storefront?

• Day Parting – Would your store benefit from day-parting or scheduling menu content, breakfast during the morning hours and lunch/dinner thereafter?

• The frequency of Content Updates – Do you change your menu often?

• Number of Locations – Do you have multiple store locations that get updated periodically?

• The requirement for Centralized Content Management – Do you require centralized content management so that you can change content from the corporate office?

• The requirement for Integrations – Do you have a plan to integrate your point-of-sale system with your digital menu boards?

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