Full Service Company

OSM Solutions is a full-service company providing system design, hardware, graphic design, animation, content management software, installation services, and long-term product support.   We’ve deployed over 1000 systems worldwide and offer scalable solutions to fit your needs and budget.  To bring a single location online or create a multi-location, networked system, schedule a demo today.

samsung ssp brightsign

Easy Sign Software

Menuboard Manager® installs on your Samsung SMART Signage display in minutes. No additional hardware required, simply install and connect to your network, then manage online. Your content is always stored locally, so even if your network goes down, your menus stay up. Menuboard Manager® adheres to the highest security standards. Download the Menuboard Manager® Brochure here.



Customer Engagement

Proven menu design methodologies and motion graphics help you reach new customers.  High quality, professional graphics captures customer’ attention, creates more conversions and increased ROI.  Integration with business intelligence powers events that increases customer engagement and drives sales.  Eliminating consumables, the cost of shipping, and creating efficiencies is a win-win!