Digital Signage

OSM Solutions is a full-service company providing system design, hardware, graphic design, animation, content management software, installation services, and long-term product support.   We’ve deployed over 500 systems world-wide and offer scaleable solutions to fit your needs and budget.  To bring a single location online or create a multi-location, networked system, contact us today.

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Content Managmement

Menuboard Manager® installs on your Samsung SMART Signage display in minutes – all that’s required is an Internet connection, wired or wi-fi. Your content is always stored locally, so even if your network goes down, your menu stays up. Menuboard Manager® adheres to the highest security standards. Download the Menuboard Manager® Brochure here.  Please contact us for a demo today.


Commercial A/V

Customized corporate-branded TVs for hospitality, TV with digital signage integration, large-scale commercial television deployments.  System design and integration of commercial background music systems as well as automation technologies.  We can take your project from concept to completion: system design, installation and long-term support.

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